Index launches the first real estate development in Spain and probably in Europe to be 100% off-grid at the same price

The new ‘Fuentes Claras’ residential development in the Madrid town of Cubas de la Sagra, is planning 26 new single-family homes that are completely autonomous, and disconnected from the electricity grid. It is the first real estate development on the market without bills from any electricity company, which makes it probably the most efficient housing in the world, and all at the same price as a conventional house.

A real saving in your pocket because it means the end of all electric bills (electricity, hot water, air conditioning…) and energy bills (gas, heating, diesel and gasoline) for life.

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Innovation and R+D+I

After the success of sales and environmental recognition of the Casa Geosolar® de Carbono Positivo,at Grupo Index, the R+D+i department continues to implement technology to improve the energy efficiency of its houses. Months of research to achieve a 100% renewable houses by implementing and optimizing new green technologies. 

With this drive to constantly innovate, the greatest challenge in residential construction to date has been achieved: the first real estate development to be completely unplugged from the electrical grid. An innovative milestone that revolutionizes construction as we know it today.

The new Casa Geosolar® will be the ‘Casa Desenchufada®’, an energy-producing house, i.e., an active house that manages to get 100% of its own electricity from the sun.

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Find out how much you could save!

Monthly savings
+ 25
Saving on your mortgage
+ 1000

An end to the electricity bill problem

The‘casa desenchufada’ is the end of the problem of the price of the electricity bill forever. A 100% ecological house thanks to its renewable energies and at the same price as a traditional house.

It will be the most efficient house in the world, since it will produceenough energy not only for its own electricity supply, hot water and air conditioning, but also for charging electric vehicles up to 40,000 km. So in addition to being 100% renewable, it is also a house with 0% polluting emissions because it manages to ‘park’ fossil fuels for good.

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